Well, it wasn’t quite the party extravaganza we had last year (I told you I couldn’t beat that one), but Austin did have a very successful Lego Mania bash on Saturday.

We managed to fit in both the Lego relay race (carrying Lego pieces on a spoon from one bowl to another)

and the Lego pinata (filled with Lego candy)

before the rain storm (um, I mean, hail storm) hit halfway through the party.

Then it was twenty rambunctious (and mostly male) schoolchildren running around the house.  We corralled them long enough for Lego-shaped crackers and cheese,


and Lego-shaped watermelon with grapes,

and (you guessed it): Lego cake

Then it was gift-opening time and I bet you’ll never guess what he got. Here are some clues:

What ever are we gonna do next year??