Sorry this is so last minute but I’ve gotten a few questions from confused Walk participants, so here’s the scoop.  The CureSearch Walk starts at 10am tomorrow morning at Wade Oval, right where Wade Oval Wednesdays happen (you won’t be able to miss it, I promise). If you plan to register once there, you need to arrive earlier (registration is from 9 to 10).  Then we walk around the pond in front of the Art Museum and strollers are welcome.  Following the Walk, there’s a ceremony, which was very moving last year.  The stated end time is 1:00pm, but I don’t ever recall being there that long, and Austin has soccer starting at 11 (with team pictures starting at 10:30 — not sure we’re gonna swing that one!).  You will be close to your car the entire time and are, of course, free to go whenever you choose.

In years past, we’ve all worn red, but Austin will be in his soccer jersey which is gray so that’s not much help (luckily, Braedan’s is red!).  A fair sized crowd shows up but it’s not like the Susan G Komen run or even like Wade Oval Wednesdays so you’ll be able to find us pretty easily.  And I’ll have my cell phone (come on now, when do I not?).

Thank you, friends! We look forward to walking with you. (And, you know, it’s not too late ... )