Our St Baldrick’s adventures are not yet over.  Tomorrow, Mark will shave his head for the sixth year in a row at AJ Rocco’s downtown.  The schedule is a bit different this year, with the head-shaving event taking place before the parade instead of after.  It makes a lot of sense since the meaning of people’s sacrifice can be easily overshadowed by the throngs of drunk people meandering through the bar. But it’s also sort of a bummer because I’m not sure I can muster the will to drink beer that early in the day (for the sake of St Patrick, though, I will certainly try . . . I am a Gallagher, after all).

One of the cool things about tomorrow is that the executive director of the national St Baldrick’s Foundation is coming from California to knight a true Cleveland St Baldrick’s hero: Tom “the Fro” Barnard.  This man, who has a stuffy ol’ day job at the Art Museum, grows his hair from March 17 to March 17 every year. And he is not called The Fro for nothing. Really, check out his page in the link above or just look below.


In the past six years, he has raised $33,000 for St Baldrick’s and is poised to hit the $40,000 mark any minute now. As far as I know, he has no personal connection to childhood cancer; this has just become his thing. And he’s embraced it in a really big way. And now, in St Baldrick’s hallowed tradition, shavees are welcomed into the Knights of the Bald Table in their seventh year. So we will be there by noon tomorrow to witness Tom’s grand event.

Join us if you’d like, even though the weather won’t quite compare to last year, when my children wore shorts (look!):photo(53)

Or at least plan to be their next year when my own sweet Mark will become a  knight.  (He always has been, if you ask me . . .)