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I’m not sure whether this qualifies as an early Christmas present to ourselves or a late Labor Day/Halloween/Thanksgiving present, but . . . our master bathroom is finally (finally!) finished and usable.

The most recent delay (of about six weeks) was entirely of our own doing.  We had agreed early on to do all the painting ourselves to save some money. Well, because it’s a bathroom and because it’s all cabinetry requiring oil based paint, it took a really, reeaaaalllly lllloooonnnnggg time. (Thank you, Mark, for all your after-hours work.)

But I am thrilled with the finished product and, as I was enjoying my first soak in the tub last night, I knew that it was definitely worth the wait:

Party in the shower, anyone?

The view from our bedroom (boys in the bathtub not part of my original intended design!)

Cabinetry and the view through to the bedroom

The vanity, still lacking hardware (but yay for double sinks!)

The boys got a trial run in the deep-soaking tub with jets tonight but their raucous splashing has earned them a three-month ban.  Awesome, more for me. Oops, that’s not very Christmas-y of me, is it?  Oh well, it was supposed to be a Labor Day present . . . .

So, it’s taken a little longer than we expected (doesn’t it always?), but our renovation projects are finally coming to a close.

To refresh your memory (it has taken a while), here are some Before pictures and here, some During.

We moved into our new bedroom the weekend before last and are loving it. We have this enormous bay window with the most incredible view. This is the scene that greeted me each morning last week:

I have yet to order blinds, which is becoming more and more of  a problem every day as the trees continue to shed their leaves.  I should probably be doing that right now (there’s always so much I should be doing instead of blogging!), but those few days of glorious color inspired my autumn decorating theme:

Duvet cover coming soon

Love birds (thank you, Etsy)

The closet is done as well and what a joy it is to no longer have to rummage through the storage boxes under my bed to find clothes. Here are some pre-moving in pictures:

And my, how quickly we’ve filled this thing up:

I can’t quite believe I’m posting pictures of my closet for
all the world to see. I feel a little Kim Kardashian.

The glass for the shower was just installed today and now Mark and I have to tackle painting the bathroom. We’ve been doing all the painting ourselves to save a few bucks, which has been a huge job because of all the trim and cabinetry.  But every day, we’re a tiny bit closer.

And this evening, when Braedan walked into the bathroom to see the completed shower for the first time, he exclaimed, “Wow! This is like that dream house we saw on TV.”

Indeed.  And in so many ways.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the latest pictures of the boys’ treehouse.

From the outside:

Still painting the trim on this side (my ladder’s not tall enough)

And the inside:

The “thinking chairs” (and look, a great place to hang all the artwork!)

Another nook (not like they’ve ever sat still in there or anything)

And of course, no treehouse would be complete without wishing stars hanging from the ceiling.

OK, that’s all I have for you this evening. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming ….

Back to the house renovations.  I’ve gotta be honest about that “before” picture I posted last week of the exterior of our house: it really never looked that bad. It was quite lovely in fact. In that photo, the shutters had already been removed, leaving behind dusty shadows around the windows, all the porch furniture and flowers and door wreath were missing, and, to top it off, it was gray and overcast outside.  Sort of like the personal makeover pics that show women with no make-up, greasy hair and a scowl on their faces.  If that’s the standard we use, then I’m a makeover candidate every single morning (scowl included — I’m not much for mornings).

But anyway, that photo was definitely for exaggerated effect.  Progress is moving along in other areas as well. Here are some photos of the rear of the house (compare to these from a few weeks ago):

Boy, our neighbors must be pleased

And the side:

The porch is almost done (one more week) but the guys have spent most of their time and energy working on the inside lately.  The dry wallers came over the weekend so now the rooms are actually taking shape.

The bathroom:

Corner window over bathtub

Site of future shower


As yet uncluttered!

And the brand new and super fabulous bay window in our bedroom:

More soon, I hope!

Well, that was quite a homecoming. As I pulled up to the house yesterday afternoon, I was on the phone with my sister-in-law hearing all the details from her fabulous swimming experience and suddenly I started squealing, “Oh my god, I LOVE my house! I LOVE MY HOUSE!”

She said, “Go, get off the phone, enjoy it.”

Sooooooo … remember this place?

Now this place:

Love, love, love it.

Our house has been invaded. Third floor to basement, inside and out, from 8 am to 7 pm every day of the week.

It all started with the porch project. This was one of those big plans we had when we first bought the house (exactly two years ago) but put on hold until we sold the other house (exactly three months ago). We happen to live on a lot and a half, which gives us an extra large side yard, most of which we’ve decided to turn into a huge Victorian-style porch that comes off our kitchen, without losing any of the play space in the backyard. We laid the foundation last fall and then began in earnest this spring. It’s almost finished and spectacularly gorgeous and I promise we’ll invite you all over for a drink one of these fabulous summer evenings.

We’ve also long planned to paint the exterior of the house this summer, which starts on Monday. And Mark and I are actively re-landscaping the front, shoveling an awful lot of dirt on these fabulous summer evenings (instead of enjoying a cool drink with friends on that lovely porch).

There were a few windows that had yet to be replaced, so that’s been happening this week, with a crew of five guys, who are very pleasant but reek of cigarette smoke, traipsing in and out all day long, upstairs, downstairs, in between. Which is just great when Braedan starts randomly opening doors as I’m changing my clothes and — lo and behold — there just happens to be a strange man on a ladder outside the window. Great.

I’m sure our neighbors love us!

And since the invasion was already underway, we decided to do it all at once (and get it over with) and tackle our master suite renovation. Demolition started last week and we are now sequestered to the front half of the upstairs, having lost access to our bathroom, three closets and two small bedrooms.

Our someday master bedroom

Our someday master bathroom

And the someday master closet …
It really will be lovely, I swear.

Now I’m not complaining or anything (am I?) because I know I am extremely lucky to be able to do all this and we are very very excited for the end product, which will basically be our dream house. But it is a little hard to feel so invaded (especially when I’ve been caring for sick kids). The guy who is doing our indoor renovation is also the guy who is building our porch and happens to be a friend of ours. The second day of demo, as I balked at the temporary walls he was constructing to contain the dust and debris, he kindly said, “Listen, this is your house. You have to tell me if something isn’t okay and if you want it done another way.”

“Well, sure,” I replied, “except that there’s no other way to do this. What should I tell you?  Finish tomorrow and get on outta here?”

No, can’t do that. Instead we’re the ones who’re gonna get on outta here.

More from the road ….

Long awaited photos of the kitchen, with a few of the “before” ones so you can fully appreciate the transformation.

My "new" kitchen, circa 1965

The “view” towards the backyard

A slight improvement, yes?

 Another lovely view
This next picture is really and truly the “after” of the above spot:

This is looking towards the front of the house and the small door to the traditional dining room,

that we’ve instead opened up and turned into the family room, giving us the best of  modern home design within a hundred-year-old house.

That’s it for now. Nothing else is ready to be photographed yet!

(And sorry for the ridiculous formatting — I imported pictures from a bunch of different locations and WordPress won’t let me correct it.  Can’t dwell on that for too long, now can I?)

And now, after many months of patient waiting, I present to you . . . my mudroom:

Like I said, the name “mudroom” just doesn’t do this place justice.

Control room, maybe? Situation room?  Super room? Mud mansion??

The view to the back yard

I guess they like it.

I know you’d all be jealous of me, except for that pesky little issue of having a child with a sneaky cancer for the second time. At least, I’ll be organized . . . .

I know our current situation would not work for everyone. In fact, I’m sure the very thought of trying to sell one house, renovating another and awaiting a potential cancer recurrence probably seems like a total nightmare to many of you. But I have to say, this is just what we need right now. This works for us.  The new house is such a bright spot, such a positive distraction. Witnessing the daily transformation from ordinary time-warped house into dream home is enormously satisfying.

Yesterday our countertops were installed and I was gushing to my mother about how much I love them, when she interrupted to say how glad she is that I have this house to occupy my mind and my time. She said this because she knows me. She knows that I function best with the most on my plate. Not that this process has been without its meltdowns, of course, but overall it is so helpful to have something else, something good, on which to focus our emotional and physical energy.

And our countertops, by the way, are fabulous.  I love love love them. We went with a very green granite, never ones to shy away from color.  We had originally tried to find a cream or tan or gray, something much more ordinary, thinking that we would have to live with this color for many many years and we shouldn’t make a big statement. But big statements are what I do and besides, what’s the point of sinking a bunch of money into granite if it’s only ordinary? This one is definitely not ordinary. It’s like jewelry, like a piece of art sitting atop my cabinets.  Enough words, check it out:

My island -- and this doesn't even do it justice

The little strip near the stove -- again not nearly as good as the real thing

The storage warehouse that will one day be our dining room

The exterior of the mudroom -- and this was a week ago; it looks even better now

So we juggle, visits to Santa squeezed between trips to Home Depot, decisions about surgeries offset by decisions about wall colors.  It works for us. And any of the myriad things that might go wrong when renovating a house suddenly seem less important. So, the doors are delayed . . . who cares?  The mudroom roof was leaking? We’ve had worse.  Our perspective is in just the right place. While the house provides a fun and exciting distraction, we know what really matters.

What really matters can be found upstairs in their beds.

Finally, some long overdue pictures of the ongoing progress at the new house. Now remember, these are still seriously stuck in the “during” phase, so you either have to vision or just trust that I do!

Did I mention that I was building the world’s most awesome mudroom? In fact, I think it needs a new name because MUDroom just doesn’t do it justice. I’m leaning towards “super-room.”


I only have exterior views because it's too dark in there.

How’s this for a nice playroom?  Don’t miss Austin there sliding across the newly refinished floors.


The third floor

And, of course, the kitchen. The cabinet doors aren’t on yet so that makes it hard to get a good sense of just how awesome it will be in the end.  Remember these “before” pictures?


This was a few weeks ago . . . it gets better


That hole is the future site of a new window.


Site of the future fridge (and Austin exploring the pantry cabinet)


The all-important "beverage area"

That’s it for now. Next week, I’ll have some of the bedrooms which are almost finished. We’re still waiting waiting waiting for someone to make an offer on this house. But I guess we’ve already used our weekly allotment of good luck, huh?

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