Since I know the ins and outs of this blog better than anyone (I think!) and since some of you are rather, um, less technologically advanced than others, I’ve realized I should provide some tips on how to navigate these uncharted waters.

First of all, all my posts are categorized, so you can search a particular category if you know what you’re looking for.  For instance, if you’ve come to this site because you heard about my public school postings (which a City Council Member told me were “the talk of the town”!), you would look under “Education.”  I’ve stored some posts in more than one category, as such as the many that fall under “Austin’s Cancer” and “Writing” or “Parenting” and “Moving.” So that is one quick way to find what you’re looking for. There’s also a Search box where you can enter in any key word (“radiation” or “siblings”) and a list of recent posts using those words will come up.

If you want to know the background on Austin, which is what underpins this entire effort, the first place to go is the page titled “Austin’s Story.” This is essentially an overview of “Round One” of his cancer diagnosis and treatment and is a seriously abridged version of what appeared on Austin’s Carepage between August 2007 and March 2008. “Round Two” of Austin’s cancer (which we thought would be longer and more difficult but ended up being shorter and easier) is chronicled in great detail here on this site and can be found by clicking March and April in the monthly archives. These posts should be read in reserve–and therefore chronological–order, with the first listed being the last posted. Please consider yourself warned, though, that these are the most gut-wrenching and heartbreaking posts on this site, so you may want to close your office door or make sure you don’t have an important meeting scheduled when you decide to delve in and read them.

Lastly, many of you have asked about how to read the comments. For those that are posted on the site, you just have to click the title of the post and then scroll to the bottom. But, as you may have noticed, many people have chosen to post their comments elsewhere, primarily on Facebook because that’s where I indicate when I’ve updated the blog and also because it doesn’t require a separate log-in. I would so appreciate if people left their comments here instead, so that all visitors could see them, but I also understand that it’s much easier to just click that handy “Like” button and be done with it. I mean, how many of you are actually going to spend the time to log in on this site just to say, “I like your post” or “I agree with you”? Maybe I should suggest to the WordPress people that they install a “Like” button too!

Oh, that wasn’t lastly, this is lastly . . . As I just said, I do update my Facebook status every time I post a new blog here (that’s almost all I use Facebook for anymore), plus I still update the Carepage. Many of you have learned to skip the Carepage log-in step and come straight here when you get those email notifications. The easiest thing to do if you’re a regular reader is to subscribe through the RSS feed and then my postings can be sent directly to your email inbox, with links and photos included.

Oh, speaking of links (this will be lastly, I promise!):  Whenever you see words highlighted in blue, that means they’re linked to something else, either an outside site of relevance (such as that of CureSearch or St. Baldrick’s) or back to an earlier posting of my own. This is done for those people who are new and might be reading along only to suddenly say, “Wait! What? Austin’s cancer recurred?!” If you’re a regular reader, you don’t really need to link back to those earlier posts (but you can if you want). But like I said already, they happen to be the most depressing of the bunch . . .

And now, lastly, happy blogging!